Crypto Derivatives and Equity CFDs

A crypto and CFD trading platform for both the retail and institutional communities that will revolutionize crypto trading, crypto lending, crypto options and derivatives, US Equity CFDs, all within one trading platform. 

Built by xSigma, a subsidiary of ZK International (Nasdaq: ZKIN).

The current total market cap of crypto is

Over $2,600,000,000,000

Over $2.159 trillion

— trading volume of the crypto derivatives in Q2 2020.


year-on-year increase of the crypto derivatives trading volume (Q2 2019–Q2 2020)

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Crypto Derivation Products

The xSigma Trading platform will provide customers with crypto derivation product, such as crypto options, crypto basket trading, crypto basket lending.  
The platform will provide traders with extreme market depth and liquidity and will give the best opportunity to select and diversify their portfolios with the variety of different products.

US Equity CFDs

The xSigma Trading platform will provide US Equity CFDs that will be wide ranging to include equities that are normally not available as CFDs. We will focus on stocks that are "in play", speculative stocks that might normally be hard to borrow or too expensive to trade from the short side.

What We Do



The platform will offer a unique range of products within the single platform (crypto derivatives, lending, US equity CFDs).


The xSigma Trading platform is backed by xSigma Lab, a subsidiary of a public company (Nasdaq: ZKIN).


xSigma Trading will be a regulated operation accepting customers worldwide (except the US).


xSigma plans to serve customers globally. xSigma will not be available in the US or for residents of the US.

    Providing a robust, diverse, and consolidated Trading Platform for the Crypto community.
    Providing Institutional grade liquidity for Crypto and Equity CFD.
    Providing access to institutional grade trading instruments to retail traders.

    Providing ability to develop customized portfolios for independent strategies.
    Providing hedging capabilities to crypto market risk.
    Providing lending capabilities for Crypto and Equity CFD products.

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About Us

xSigma Lab

xSigma is a blockchain R&D lab that was created by ZK International, a publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: ZKIN). Our team includes world-class developers formerly of Google, Facebook, Ripple Labs, 1inch and other technology titans.
xSigma’s mission is to promote blockchain adoption by researching innovative use cases in decentralized finance, logistics, IoT, infrastructure and supply chain management. We explore ways to utilize decentralized technologies in various industries, creating value for both enterprise and consumer markets.

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